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Camp Session Dates

WEEK 1: June 24–29— Detective Creekachu (*ON)

WEEK 2: July 1–6 — Zoo Creek (*ON)

WEEK 3: July 8–12 — Han Firlo (*EXD)

WEEK 4: July 15–20— Forknife Creek Royal (*ON)

WEEK 5: July 22–27 — Trick or Creek (*ON)

WEEK 6: July 29–Aug. 2 — Pirates of the Creekibean (*SPECIAL Thursday Program)

WEEK 7: Aug. 5–10 — Super Smash Creek Ultimate (*ON)

WEEK 8: Aug. 12–16 — Settlers of Creektan (*FFN)

WEEK 9: Aug. 19–23 — Captain Firval (No Event)

*ON: Overnight
*EXD: Extended Day
*SPECIAL: Surprise!
*FFN: Family Fun Night

Candy Store

Our Candy Store will now be accepting $2 a day instead of $1. Unfortunately, our prices had to be raised in order to break even. Campers will be purchasing approximately the same amount of candy as before.


Campers entering grades 1–3

The Fircreek program is designed for children entering grades 1–3. Campers start off their day with open play time. Then at 9:00 AM, the day kicks off with songs, skits and a story. After that, campers participate in a Fircreek Adventure Zone Activity. This could include art, water activities, sports or activities in the woods. After lunch, there is a full afternoon of activities, including Cabin Free Time, a God Encounters session, and all-camp games and activities. Parents pick up their kids from 4:45–5:30 PM.

Both Fircreek and Summer Blast

Both age groups, Fircreek and Summer Blast share similar program experiences and schedules, with the exception of Adventure Zone and Cabin Free Time. While Fircreek campers are at their Adventure Zones, Summer Blast campers are in Cabin Free Time, and vice versa.

Summer Blast

Campers entering grades 4–6

The Summer Blast program is designed to give 4th-6th graders a graduated experience at Fircreek Day Camp. The Summer Blast camper will experience all the things that have made Fircreek a summer highlight, plus the added bonus of intensified activity classes that we call “Majors”. This high-energy program focuses on skill development and implementation in a wide variety of activity streams, within the four Fircreek Adventure Zones (see Activities).

Examples of Summer Blast “Majors” from past summers:
  • “Extreme Sports” (climbing wall, paintball, skateboarding, blobbing)
  • “No Fear Camping” (wilderness survival skills)
  • “Ceramics”
  • “Woodshop”


$199 / week

Sibling Rate

$184 / week

Sibling Policy

When registering siblings from the same family into the same week of camp, a $15 discount per additional camper (first child is $199; each additional child is $184) will be automatically applied to your account. The Sibling Discount is not available to span between siblings registered for different weeks. and does not apply to Camp Firwood. The Sibling Discount is not applicable for discounted weeks.

Camperships / Discounts

We would love to have your child join us at Fircreek Day Camp! Our Campership program helps families, who may otherwise not be able to afford camp, send their kids to Fircreek.

A typical Campership can cover up to half of the weekly tuition for up to two sessions of camp per child. If you are interested in learning more about the Campership program and how to apply, please contact the Fircreek Registrar, Kim Hendrickson.


Kim Hendrickson, Fircreek Registrar

Phone: 360-733-6840 ext 211


Check-In / Check-Out

For the safety of your child, we do require that you check your camper in for the day when dropping them off, and out for the day when picking them up. To check your camper in/out, you will sign an attendance roster each day, set up on the tables directly inside the Fircreek Corral. A Fircreek Leadership staff member will be there at all times to answer any questions.

If your child is part of the Drop Zone van pick-up and drop-off, you’ll still need to check in at Fircreek Day Camp on Monday morning (van service is available Monday afternoon each week and following), then you may sign your child in/out with the van driver.


Drop-Off at camp is between 7:30-9:00 AM each morning.
Camp activities begin at 9:00 AM every day.


Pick-Up at camp is between 4:45-5:30 PM each evening.

Camp activities end at 4:45 PM every day. Please be prompt in picking up your campers by 5:30 PM.

Drop Zone Van

Click here to view the full Drop Zone van details, times and locations.


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"Play is the serious work of heaven."  ~C.S. Lewis

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Our Ministry 

Fircreek Day Camp is a ministry of The Firs. The Firs exists for people to encounter Jesus and experience the love of God.

RED BARS = 100%  full!

WEEK 3: July 8–12 — Han Firlo

  • Boys, Grades 1-3 82% 82%
  • Boys, Grades 4–6 90% 90%
  • Girls, Grades 1–3 88% 88%
  • Girls Grades 4–6 72% 72%

WEEK 4: July 15–20 — Forknife Creek Royal

  • Boys, Grades 1-3 95% 95%
  • Boys, Grades 4–6 100% 100%
  • Girls, Grades 1–3 90% 90%
  • Girls Grades 4–6 80% 80%

WEEK 5: July 22–27 — Trick or Creek

  • Boys, Grades 1-3 97% 97%
  • Boys, Grades 4–6 100% 100%
  • Girls, Grades 1–3 100% 100%
  • Girls Grades 4–6 90% 90%

WEEK 6: July 29–Aug. 2 — Pirates of the Creekibean

  • Boys, Grades 1-3 100 % 100 %
  • Boys, Grades 4–6 94% 94%
  • Girls, Grades 1–3 78% 78%
  • Girls Grades 4–6 93% 93%

WEEK 7: Aug. 5–10 — Super Smash Creek Ultimate

  • Boys, Grades 1-3 89% 89%
  • Boys, Grades 4–6 100% 100%
  • Girls, Grades 1–3 96% 96%
  • Girls Grades 4–6 86% 86%

WEEK 8: Aug. 12–16 — Settlers of Creektan

  • Boys, Grades 1-3 96% 96%
  • Boys, Grades 4–6 88% 88%
  • Girls, Grades 1–3 88% 88%
  • Girls Grades 4–6 93% 93%

WEEK 9: Aug. 19–23 — Captain Firval

  • Boys, Grades 1-3 88% 88%
  • Boys, Grades 4–6 98% 98%
  • Girls, Grades 1–3 64% 64%
  • Girls Grades 4–6 80% 80%