SAGE Internship


Thank you for your interest in The Firs SAGE Internship program. Please thoughtfully read through the information provided below and be sure to take your time processing the information patiently and prayerfully.

SAGE (Serve And Grow Experience) is made possible through a grant from the Murdock Charitable Trust’s Vision and Call program. The SAGE program is designed to provide an apprentice-based experience to assist college-aged students and recent graduates (20-26 years of age) to consider their vocational direction, while gaining meaningful ministry and work experience.

Emphasis is placed on an “Apprenticeship Model” of learning, providing a community of mentors and peers, as well as a significant ministry experience for each intern. 

ABOUT SAGE                                                                                                                                    

The goal of SAGE is to utilize the experience and knowledge of The Firs staff, in order to invest in the lives of young leaders, equipping them to participate in God’s plan for the lives of children, youth and college students who attend The Firs Children and Community programs as well as those living throughout Whatcom County and beyond.

The essence of the program is that young adults would have the opportunity to “look over the shoulder and through the heart” of a community of people who will serve as mentors and peers during the Internship experience.

SAGE CHILDREN & COMMUNITY MINISTRY INTERNSHIP OVERVIEW                                               


The Firs Children and Community Ministries (CCM) is a collaboration between The Firs After School Adventure Program (ASA) and Fircreek Day Camp (FC) with the purpose of meeting the childcare needs of families in the Bellingham area, thus positioning The Firs CCM programs as a strategic partner with parents raising children in our community.

CCM Intern:

The CCM Internship emphasis is designed for individuals interested in pursuing practical experience and leadership in Childhood Development in a camp environment. CCM Interns will gain experience and training in the areas of childcare, interfacing with government agencies, organizing community-wide events, and 20 STAR hours of basic training in childcare practices. The CCM Intern will also assist in the leadership of Fircreek Day Camp, gaining experience in Summer Staff leadership, programming, curriculum development, and marketing. The CCM Intern will also receive training and certifications for First Aid, CPR, and Food Handling.

CCM Intern Job Summary:

The Firs CCM Intern will assist The ASA Director and the FC Director in establishing a working department of The Firs Retreat Center that combines, as well as creates, activities and events for ASA and FC, thus providing quality resources for parents participating in our programs. The CCM Intern’s duties and responsibilities are derived from three areas; CCM, ASA and FC, with respect to their program seasons.

SAGE INTERNSHIP DETAILS                                                                                                             


  • Applicants must be a recent college graduate or nearly graduated
  • 20 – 26 years of age
  • Participation and experience with some form of ministry or community leadership with college-aged individuals
  • Demonstrate spiritual maturity, a personal commitment and obedience to Jesus Christ in daily life, and a strong desire to grow in his or her calling


SAGE is a 9-month internship experience, January 4 through September 30, 2016. This includes a 3-month summer staff commitment at Fircreek Day Camp or ASA.


CCM Interns are required to live on campus at The Firs Retreat Center.  They will be provided housing accommodations as well as a monthly stipend.

Monthly Salary:

  • Internship (January – September):  $1333 per month

Expectations & Responsibilities:

  • SAGE is a full-time commitment. The CCM Intern will be paid for 29 hours/week, with occasional evenings and weekend work required. The CCM Intern is accountable to the Intern Supervisor and ultimately to the leadership of The Firs.
  • Interns will participate as Firs staff members in weekly staff meetings, social gatherings, annual staff retreat, days of prayer, etc.
  • As required by The Murdock Vision and Call grant, Interns are expected to participate in scheduled Trust events, including a weekend retreat (dates TBD).
  • Attendance at a local church will be required.
  • Interns will be expected to maintain positive, professional relationships with other staff members.
  • Interns will also uphold the general ministry expectations of The Firs, in accordance with its mission statement and objectives and in agreement with its statement of faith.

The Firs Statement of Faith & Mission Statement:

Click here to read The Firs Statement of Faith and Mission Statement.

TO APPLY                                                                                                                                          

To apply, please follow this link and submit your application online: Click here to apply. To view The Firs Statement of Faith, click here.


Please send completed applications to:

Darell Smith ~ 4605 Cable Street ~ Bellingham, WA  98229

If you have any questions or concerns throughout your application process, please contact Darell Smith: 360-733-6840, ext. 225, or