For the safety of your child, we do require that you check your camper in for the day when dropping them off, and out for the day when picking them up. To check your camper in/out, you will sign an attendance roster each day, set up on the tables directly inside the Fircreek Corral. A Fircreek Leadership staff member will be there at all times to answer any questions.

If your child is part of the Drop Zone van pick-up and drop-off, you’ll still need to check in at Fircreek Day Camp on Monday morning (van service is available Monday afternoon each week and following), then you  may sign your child in/out with the van driver.


  • Drop-Off at camp is between 7:30-9:00 AM each morning.
  • Camp activities begin at 9:00 AM every day.


  • Pick-Up at camp is between 4:45-5:30 PM each evening.
  • Camp activities end at 4:45 PM every day. Please be prompt in picking up your campers by 5:30 PM.

Click here to view the full Drop Zone van details, times and locations.