Camper Sessions


{Fircreek is for campers entering grades 1-6 in fall 2018}

Wk 1 6/18-23 Firassic Force (ON) (Finished)
Wk 2 6/25-30 Crocodile Kevin (ON) (Finished)
Wk 3 7/2-6 Superhero Team-Up Movie (EXD*) (Finished)
Wk 4 7/9-14 Dr. Stranger Things (ON) (Finished)
Wk 5 7/16-21 Fairly Normal Parents (ON) (Finished)
Wk 6 7/23-27 Firvivor (FFN) (Finished)
Wk 7 7/30-8/4 Pirates of the Neverland (ON) (Finished)
Wk 8 8/6-11 NintenDon’t! (ON) (Finished)
Wk 9 8/13-17 Creek of Fortune (FFN) (Finished)
Wk 10 8/20-24 Fircreek Olympiad (No Event) (Finished)

FFN = Family Fun Night
 (click here for more information on Family Fun Nights)
ON = Overnight
(click here for more information on Overnights)

[*EXD = Extended Day (week 3):  This “supersized day” extends the campers’ stay on Friday until 8:00pm. Campers who join us for this extended time at Fircreek will enjoy dinner and participate in extra special program events. It’ll be a blast! It’s also optional. Parents may choose to check their child out from Fircreek at the normal 4:30-5:30pm pick-up time if that is more convenient for you. We do ask parents to sign up for the EXD event during the week at the registration table.]


FIRCREEK 2018 RATES (per week):

  • SINGLE CHILD RATE:    $187 (week 3 is $169)
  • SIBLING RATE:               $172** for each additional child. (**First child pays $187 per week, Sibling Rate is for each additional child in your immediate family and does not qualify for discounted week 3. Siblings must register for the same week and camp. Sibling Rate does not apply to siblings going to Middle School Adventure or Camp Firwood.)



MSA = Middle School Adventure

Fircreek Day Camp is again offering Middle School Adventure camps for campers entering grades 7-8 (exclusively).

Each week will include daily excursions, an overnight experience, and a 1-day service project, allowing Middle Schoolers to have a great time, while focusing on the needs of others.

  • MSA #1 – July 9 – July 13 – $230 – (Finished)
  • MSA #2 – July 30 – Aug. 3 – $230 – (Finished)