Fircreek/Summer Blast/Middle School Adventure


In order to effectively meet the needs of children entering grades 1-6, the Fircreek program divides this broad range into two age groups. Children entering grades 1-3 are referred to as “Fircreek” (FC) and those entering grades 4-6, we call “Summer Blast” (SB).

Both age groups, FC and SB, share similar program experiences and schedules, with the exception of Adventure Zone and Cabin Free Time. While Fircreek campers are at their Adventure Zones, Summer Blast campers are in Cabin Free Time, and vice versa.


Summer Blast Majors: 

The Summer Blast program is designed to give 4th-6th graders a graduated experience at Fircreek Day Camp. The Summer Blast camper will experience all the things that have made Fircreek a summer highlight, plus the added bonus of intensified activity classes that we call “Majors”. This high-energy program focuses on skill development and implementation in a wide variety of activity streams, within the four Fircreek Adventure Zones (see Activities).

Examples of Summer Blast “Majors” from past summers:

  • “Extreme Sports” (climbing wall, paintball, skateboarding, blobbing)
  • “No Fear Camping” (wilderness survival skills)
  • “Ceramics”
  • “Uncle Bob’s Woodshop” (woodworking)



Check back later for more information. Registration will open March 15th.