What ages of campers may attend Fircreek Day Camp?

Fircreek Day Camp provides a fun packed day camp experience for children entering grades 1 through 6, we split the camp into two groups called Fircreek & Summer Blast. Read more here!

How are campers placed into buddy groups? Can my child be with his/her friend?

Each week, campers are assigned to a “buddy group”, according to the grade they will enter in the fall, as well as their gender (boys with boys and girls with girls). We are committed to keeping these buddy groups age specific, with no more than one year difference between members. Parents may request two buddy group mates for their child, within said parameters. We will do our best to accommodate at least one of those requests.

What do the kids do at camp when it rains?

Have fun! The program at Fircreek does not shut down on account of rain, but serves as an “umbrella” of fun, no matter what the weather brings. It is important for all campers to come each day with a raincoat and/or hat, in order to be prepared for the ever-changing Bellingham weather. On the occasion that the weather conditions are just incompatible with the Fircreek program, modifications will be made to still provide a fun Day Camp experience.

How much religious content is there in the daily schedule?

We have a lot of fun at Fircreek and we do talk about God. There are two specific times in the daily schedule where we talk about having a friendship with the good and loving God. The first is at the morning JAM Time (the all-camp gathering that begins the day). The second comes toward the end of the day, when the counselors and their buddy group (7-10 campers) have a 30-minute Bible story time and discussion.

As you may guess, each day is packed full of fun and adventure, lead by some of the finest young adults you will ever meet. We have a blast and we let kids know that God is a part of it. Please contact the Fircreek Director, Darell Smith, if you have further questions.